Il Ceppo has joined Group Imola Legno® SpA leading company in the trade of forest products. From this synergy comes an innovative and dynamic company, which combines technical knowledge to wood processing, creating a very high quality product, totally made in Italy.
Il Ceppo mixes the “well doing” with the finest technology of machines for wood processing.
Il Ceppo offers a complete line of awnings, gazebos, arbours, porticos and verandas that make it possible to extend the living space of a home and make areas of the garden or terrace usable that would normally be too sunny or too exposed, transforming the minto elegant little oases for relaxation.
Every structure, can be shaded by climbing plants, or protected by various types of covers specially designed to withstand the weather. It all depends on your needs and your wishes and the layout of your home.
Whether free standing or leaning up against the house, they integrate perfectly with any architectural style and every setting.
The constructions suggested can be completed and enhanced with elegant trellis, flower vases and complementary articles, in the widest variety available in Europe.